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Nils E. Danielson, DDS, MS, MS

Clawson, MI


Dr. Nils E. Danielson - Metropolitan Detroit Endodontist


Thank you for choosing Danielson Endodontics, PLLC. We are an endodontic specialty practice dedicated to highly exceptional care using state-of-the-art technology.

Our Mission is honest and clear: To provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere, in a comfortable and courteous atmosphere.

Each patient deserves our focused attention and best efforts to make their experience one that stands far above the rest!

Our focus is on flawless service, attention to detail, and genuine concern for our patients. While a trip to a specialist for a root canal is never something that a patient looks forward to, we hope that with caring attention we can make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible.

In our office we will provide you with the most up-to-date techniques and technological advances so that you receive the best quality care possible.  A comprehensive approach to dental care is the foundation of our practice. Our goal is to establish and maintain a quality and service oriented practice that offers the most contemporary treatment approaches available in the practice of Endodontics.

At Danielson Endodontics, you will always receive the prompt and specialized attention you deserve!


Practice Profile

At Danielson Endodontics, we follow an unyielding commitment to Excellence and Quality.

Dr. Danielson is a highly skilled and experienced doctor who holds your oral health and comfort as his highest priority.

Our comprehensive endodontic services include...
•Routine and difficult root canal treatment


•Root canal surgery including Apicoectomy

•Treating traumatic injuries

•Managing and relieving tooth pain

•Managing bruxism and muscle related facial pain through use of Botox


State of the art technology...
Digital Imaging to provide the most advanced diagnosis

3D imaging with CBCT

Surgical Operating Microscopes to achieve optimal results

Ultrasonic Instrumentation to afford the most conservative approach

•Our paperless digital office system provides patients with the option to pre-register online


Our commitment to you is that you receive the best care that is possible today.

Patient Testimonials

I will never use another Endodontist other than Danielson Endodontics! Danielson Endodontics were the most compassionate and understanding dental professionals I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Yes I said pleasure!!! They made me feel so at ease... I can't begin to explain how important this is to me. I have had several truly horrifying experiences with dentists and needless to say I was more than a little nervous. From the moment I made the phone call; til the time I left after my procedure; every person greeted and treated me with such kindness and caring that is so genuinely hard to find. Being treated as a longtime friend by everyone at Danielson Endodontics helped make my stress and anxiety towards dentists visits virtually disappear. My teeth feel wonderful and my mouth is pain free! Thank you so much Danielson Endodontics for bringing back my smile!

Kathleen N.

I recently had a root canal perfomed at Danielson Endodontics, and I couldn't be happier! The office is modern and comfortable, the staff is extremely kind and courteous, and Dr. Danielson went great lengths to ensure that I was comfortable and at ease. I've suffered two, rather nightmarish, procedures in the past at other offices, but this was the most painless dental experience I've ever had. I even fell asleep once or twice... DURING A ROOT CANAL! I only wish Danielson Endodontics offered a service that I needed more often, so that I could give them my business more frequently. If it were a restaurant, I'd eat there everyday.


The overall cleanliness of the office and bathroom facilities stood out as well as the beautiful decorative pictures. The waiting room was comfortable and offered coffee/tea and small treats.

The receptionist was exceptional. Not only was she friendly and helpful, but had a wonderful sense of humor. On top of that, the phone kept ringing and yet she was courteous and went out of her way to assist every caller. My friend who was waiting for me said the time went fast because of her friendly manner.

Dr. Danielson and his assistant made me feel very relaxed despite knowing what the procedure would entail. I truly felt I was in good hands and enjoyed listening to the doctor sing along with the oldies that were playing from the sound system. Afterward the assistant offered me a warm wet cloth to place on my cheek. Wow, did that feel good.

I would give them a "10" for comfort and care. Glad my regular dentist recommended Danielson Endodontics.


Dr. Danielson and Staff, I want to thank you for the exceptional work you and your staff performed. Your service was kind and courteous. I was very thankful that I didn't have to take much pain medication after the root canal. I really do my best to resist medicines. I didn't even need over the counter meds much less a prescription. My mouth feels 100% better, the pain of the root canals has ceased. I am more than pleased and I couldn't have gone to a better facility. From the phone call to make my appointment, till I walked in the door, everyone was great! I was at ease the entire time! This experience was actually fun! Thank you so much and thanks to the staff for being gentle, kind and polite. Kindness is a rare quality these days and when I stumble across it I really appreciate it. Best wishes in getting your practice going. P Pounders

P Pounders

I would like to thank Dr. Danielson and his office staff for the excellent treatment I received in the performance of a root canal. I was treated on very short notice and given comforting and gentle care by all the staff and Dr. Danielson. I highly recommend Danielson Endodontics to anyone who needs care.


I had an urgent referral to Dr. Danielson for a root canal and I'm extremely happy with my care and the results. Warm, friendly staff and a clean center. Dr. Danielson is patient and gives thorough explanation about everything. He makes sure he does everything he can to make his patients comfortable both before and during any procedures. I would recommend him to anyone who needs endodontic work.

Doug Howell

It was a very happy experience! Dr. Danielson and Joe are very entertaining!! I just wish I was able to say something back to them. They made it fun to come here! I felt very comfortable from the beginning- from the first phone call with Maryann!


Simply the best! Very caring, I can't put down in words how professional Dr. Danielson and Team were. They addressed, explained and kept me entertained. I have already told two people about the great office. Classic Rock forever!

Cynthia D.

I have never been to an Endodontics before. I was more than pleased with the entire staff. The doctor and assistant were pleasant and very helpful. The receptionist was friendly and helpful.


When you first walk in the door and are greeted you are put at ease. I know for myself and I'm sure everyone else who has to have a root canal, we are very nervous! Dr. Danielson and his staff do everything in their power to relax their patients. They made the pain go away and put a smile on my face. Even when I had to come back for a followup appointment; I was taken care of with great patience and kindness. I would recommend their office to anyone who's in need of a root canal... but especially the patients who are afraid.

Julie P